Friday, June 8, 2012

I haven't been on here for awhile, have you missed me?  Didn't think so!  Anyway-summer is here and its been Farmer's market time.  Have you been?  Come on and support your local farmers!  They are a value of information and if you've never tried making anything you will find new ways!  Let me know what you found at yours and how you made it!

Would love to hear from you!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

so what is BPA and why is it so bad? BPA is Bisphenol A it is used to harden plastics. It is known to mess with our hormones and it interferes with our reproductive development of the children we carry.  Studies have shown that BPA can cause developmental delays as well as Diabetes Type II, estrogen increase in men (think man boobs), obesity, heart disease, and miscarriages!  Where is it?  Plastic-yes even that healthy bottled water, can goods, dental sealants,and baby bottles (wow!!!!)  NEVER and I mean NEVER heat stuff up in m'wave in plastic-especially leftovers in butter tubs!  Save all your glass containers and use them.  I save all my glass containers with lids (ask my daughter Bailey-she hates it), but she will be the first to pour her drinks (even that stupid soda she buys from plastic into glass :/ ).  Try not to buy your food in plastic---really try not to acidic foods in plastic such as tomato sauces!  I hope this helps you out!
This Tennessee spring is wonderful!  We are generally still kinda of cold or wet-but we have been in the upper 70's and 80's this week and with it being our spring break it is wonderful!

We have been busy getting our garden ready for spring crop.  We are "gardeners in training"  and every year we try our hand at it-sometimes with success and others--well lets just leave it at that!  I would encourage you to try to grow something.  Even if you do not have the space; you can put some soil in some pots and place a tomato plant in it, try another pot and place some lettuce in it and voila! You have a salad in the making :)
There is something about putting your hand in the coolness of the dirt.  Speaking of dirt, I am so pleased with my compost.  It has been great this year-the earth worms are thriving (needed for a good garden I have heard).  Don't throw those peelings from your veggies away or the egg shells--they will rot into the ground and make a wonderful soil.  Just do NOT put meats, fats, dairy, or sugary stuff in it--you will attract some undesirable guest to your yard and a terrible smell.

This something I have had on my heart-so bear with me.  I see so often people "worshiping" mother earth and oh my....DON'T!  Worship Father God the Creator of this beautiful dwelling we are in.  He created all the awesome colors we see and the plants that grow our foods and gives us shelter from the sun and also the water we need to live on.  He is the Spirit of Truth and will guide you into ALL the truth(John 16:13).  Go out and thank Him for His creation today!

Monday, March 12, 2012

How creative can you get with staying physical?  Would love to hear your ideas!!!!!  Please post them.
If your body is achy or sore, guess what?  Sometime the last thing you need is to just sit.  NO!  Get up and move.  Take a walk outside (the sun will provide the vitamin d that is needed for good bone health and mental health) do some squats or maybe see how long you can hold a plank pose.  Take out those hand weights or some large cans from your pantry and work on your biceps. Do you have a gym membership?  Use it!  There are so many ways to get some form of exercise; God created our bodies to move, to work, not to sit all day long.  This will not only help with pain, but your mental health will thank you--oh yes and your waistline!  So come on---get up---quit making excuses. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

So the mean on flu bug has made its way here as well as strep.  My sweet daughter who rolls her eyes at me when I say things like "quit sharing your drinks with your friends" or "did you take vit. c and your vit.d?" and of course "hey go wash your hands!"  But she is a teen and I remember that I knew it all and that I was invincible!  Since we are not, let me give you some natural suggestions to hopefully protect yourself from colds and flues. 
 FIRST:  Wash your hands and wash them often.  
SECOND:  exercise (even walks) help amp up your immune system. 
 THIRD: keep your nose clear with a saline mist or by making your own and using a nettle pot or gravity thingy(technical huh? Use one cup of warm water and 1 tsp of sea salt
FOURTH:  Garlic-it is the best food in the world-ok an opinion was thrown in-but it is so awesome.  It is a natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral--plus it is tasty--hate garlic (?)? chop a small piece and just swallow like a pill or take a supplement.
FIFTH:  Echinacea-take as soon as you feel the first signs of a sickness and not longer than 2 weeks.
SIXTH:  plenty of water-pure H2O and lots of it.
SEVENTH:  Load up on the Vit. C.  I take it about 3 times a day when there is stuff going around.  Take 1,000 mg 3 x's a day when you are sick.
EIGHTH:  ok to shorten the list I will put a lot of information here :)   Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, take about 1-4 teaspoons of Organic Bragg's apple cider vinegar to fight off the bug and also to replace depleted minerals, onions are great too, ginger is another SUPER food-it too is anti-viral and anti-septic food as well as it helps with body pain and nausea when it comes to stomach bugs. Drink Mullein tea and/or throat coat or cold care tea (find at grocery or health food store).
Try to eliminate all sugar if possible and avoid white foods (flour, sugar, white rice, etc....)

Now you are equipped!  Enjoy LIFE!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I haven't been on here for a bit--not sure if anyone else is either-but I do this because I need to be held accountable.  So here is goes.  This whole week has been a bit--unhealthy, but no regrets.  First you can't deny a dinner with your mom--she is a busy woman (just left today for a week long cruise) and had us over for dinner----YUM.  Didn't over do it, but it wasn't the most healthiest.  Monday's breakfast was a homemade juice and walnuts, but lunch-chicken nachos--not too bad except I had the cheese sauce.  Salad for dinner.  Tues.  Oh yes Valentine's day--breakfast was a gluten free breakfast bar--not too bad, but then I had caramel mocha with soy milk at Starbuck's, massage, wine with lunch (potato soup and salad with ranch and 3 cheese sticks and about four small slices of deep fried jalapenos at REd Robin.  Dinner was at Shoney's for the food bar (no meat) carb fest of pot. soup, mashed pot. salad, and cabbage and oh yea sweet tea and  one more glass of wine and some choc.  Today I made my mom a Valentine lunch before she leaves of coconut shrimp, potato soup, steamed broccoli and sweet tea and dessert was store bought cheese cake no crust.  Tomorrow I will get back to eating more whole---trying to work myself up to doing a Candida Cleanse---Wonder if anyone out there wants to join me!  Go to to see if you should!